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By Venger, March 10, 2013 0 Previews

It seems like it was just yesterday when the majority of the gaming world was being introduced to one Geralt of Rivia. Originating from within the pages of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher series, Geralt was fully brought to life by the team at little known CD Projekt Red. Though the character also made appearances in movies and on TV, few mediums seemed as natural a fit for Sapkowski’s world as that of the RPG. Designed for the PC from the ground up and utilizing a heavily customized Aurora engine… Read More »

By Venger, February 24, 2013 1 Previews

A few years back, there was a virtual onslaught of action RPG’s into the PC market following the much heralded success of Diablo II. Some of these were blatant copies of Blizzard’s blockbuster hack and slash, with little attention paid to advancing the gametype, or to standing on their individual merits. Still, a few of those titles that flooded the genre were well received, with obvious time and talent invested into their development. From those ranks the mythology based Titan Quest was arguably the most polished and popular. Behind the… Read More »

By Venger, February 24, 2013 0 Previews

Few gaming series have held my attention for the long span of time that the Fallout series has. Though it has gone through multiple transformations and passed hands from the legendary Black Isle Studios to Bethesda, the overall feel of the game remained intact. By that I mean that even with the original games viewpoint and gameplay style being replaced by a viewpoint more in line with a full blown shooter, it still felt like it was part of the greater Fallout universe. Every game in this series (with the… Read More »

By Venger, February 23, 2013 0 Previews

The original Borderlands was a game that fit no single genre perfectly and made no bones about the fact that it was carefully designed to be a happy hybrid. Not only did it meld together a first person shooter and an action RPG, but it took the best parts of both and brewed them into a post apocalyptic splatterfest. Combining a fast paced “in your face” type of shooters gameplay with the leveling and stat distribution aspect of a RPG and then throwing in a healthy dose of loot and… Read More »

By Venger, February 22, 2013 1 Previews

In hindsight, I honestly don’t think anyone should of been geniunely surprised by the arrival of the original Torchlight and the warm reception it received from fans and critics alike. Though we had been promised the world by more than one previous member of Blizzards development team over the last ten years or so, this one seemed to have it right from the beginning. First, it kept the formula of simplicity that drives the best of the action RPG’s and didn’t try to revolutionize the entire genre. Gamers that enjoy… Read More »