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By Venger, February 23, 2013 0 News

Okay, so the title may be a bit broad in its scope but it is essentially the truth. From Software has made no bones about the fact that Dark Souls: Prepare to Die for the PC was going to be about as straightforward a port as a port can be. Slap on some Games For Windows Live support and connect a Xbox and PC with an USB cable and hit the “Port” button type of deal. PC gamers have grumbled but since this game only was brought to the PC… Read More »

By Venger, February 23, 2013 0 Previews

The original Borderlands was a game that fit no single genre perfectly and made no bones about the fact that it was carefully designed to be a happy hybrid. Not only did it meld together a first person shooter and an action RPG, but it took the best parts of both and brewed them into a post apocalyptic splatterfest. Combining a fast paced “in your face” type of shooters gameplay with the leveling and stat distribution aspect of a RPG and then throwing in a healthy dose of loot and… Read More »

By Venger, February 22, 2013 1 Previews

In hindsight, I honestly don’t think anyone should of been geniunely surprised by the arrival of the original Torchlight and the warm reception it received from fans and critics alike. Though we had been promised the world by more than one previous member of Blizzards development team over the last ten years or so, this one seemed to have it right from the beginning. First, it kept the formula of simplicity that drives the best of the action RPG’s and didn’t try to revolutionize the entire genre. Gamers that enjoy… Read More »

By Venger, February 18, 2013 0 Commentary

If the old saying “If I had a nickel for every time that I heard” was something you could actually cash in on, then being paid for each utterance of “PC Gaming is dead/dying” would pay dividends. I don’t know when it really became trendy to say such a thing, but it has been mentioned on countless forums and in discussions regarding gaming formats for years. First it was Windows that would end it, then the original Playstation, then the release of the current gen of consoles, now the next… Read More »

By Venger, February 16, 2013 0 Commentary

As the saying goes, sex sells. There is little debating that, research and countless marketing campaigns have proven this to be true time and time again. In a variety of mediums, the inclusion of violence of a graphic nature has shown to attract a portion of the market that wouldn’t necessarily of taken notice otherwise. Generally the more gruesome and spine chilling the display, the more buzz and hype for the product. Some movies and games that were at best mediocre have gone on to sell blockbuster amounts arguably on… Read More »