List of the 10 Best PC RPG’s Of All Time


Dragon Age: Origins:

Bioware. The name was synonymous with quality and particularly with well done RPG’s. That name has lost some of the shine with their recent direction in Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2. Even if they were to cease to exist and never release another game, Dragon Age: Origins will stand as testament to the greatness of the studio and will go down as one of my favorite CRPG’s of all time. Dragon Age: Origins is one of those titles that benefited from the experience that Bioware had gained over the years with their other franchises and specifically from Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights. Though the console version of the game was a mere shade of the PC release, Bioware luckily developed it for the PC as lead and took advantage of the natural fit the platform provides for a party based RPG. Dragon Age: Origins led with some of the most memorable characters and managed to blend a more mature story into a classic pure fantasy RPG without coming across forced or out of place. The game boasted beautiful graphics, a top notch soundtrack and Ferelden is quite simply a wonderful place to explore.
Your companions are anything but forgettable and some of the various combinations of party makeups create some humorous and witty banter. I found both Alistair and Morrigan to be particularly well voiced and Bioware brought them to life with back stories that you actually care about. Leliana is so kind and good natured that she plays the perfect counter to the dark and sultry Morrigan. This is what separates Dragon Age: Origins from some other similar games for me. The fact that you actually care about your party and their history, their problems and their goals and ambitions really brings them to life and makes your journey more enjoyable. Dragon Age: Origins for the PC features some intense battles and the tactical fights that emerge are simply glorious. As the game released it was extremely challenging and pretty much perfectly balanced as far as most veteran RPG players would be concerned. Unfortunately a vocal section of players not accustomed to not being able to roll their faces and win went to the Bioware forums and insisted the difficulty be “fixed” in a patch. After their incessant feet stamping and holding of breath, Bioware caved and adjusted the difficulty scale. That little bump aside, the journey in Dragon Age: Origins is one that covered much ground and sees the player and their companions through some tough situations and some hard choices. This is a game that does so much right and delivers so many memorable moments that it should be in any RPG gamers library front and center.

The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings:

Okay, I loved the Witcher, played it and shouted its virtues from the town square. It was a breath of fresh air and brought an edge to the genre, a hero who wasn’t and a interesting story that introduced us to the world of Geralt of Rivia. This game would of been a fairly solid lock for this list if it had not been bumped by its sequel, the Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings. Geralt returns in a game that was simply stunning on PC. Graphically this was a tour de force, with beautifully rendered backgrounds and a huge amount of care put into design and art direction. Attention to even small details becomes evident as you explore the landscape and see things that actually make you look again and then smile as you acknowledge the effort. Combat in the Witcher 2 is not necessarily intuitive at first attempt but becomes more and more a natural fit as you slice and dice enemies that stand in your way.
The game weaves the story around the player as a dark web that throws a few surprises your way and leaves you with some interesting choices. This is another game that benefits from an outstanding soundtrack. The music in the Witcher 2 was crafted in a way that it isn’t just there in the background, but at times comes out and enhances the experience for the player. Sounds are crisp and compliment the beautiful views that the game presents you with. CD Projekt Red has announced the Witcher 3 and have made some lofty promises for the third title. If they can deliver on those ambitious goals and somehow better the greatness that is the Witcher 2, then we all will have something truly spectacular to look forward to.

There you have it. The RPG Wizard Top 10 RPG’s of all time. These titles each deserve a spot on this list for the reasons detailed above among others. Still, this list is not etched in stone nor thrown down from atop the mount as the gospel. It will be periodically revisited as I play through older titles again and as the journey through the next generation of RPG’s unfolds. Whether any of them have the mettle to find their way into this hallowed company is a story which is yet to be told.

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