List of the 10 Best PC RPG’s Of All Time


Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn:

This game was a no brainer for me if ever there was one. A traditional Forgotten Realms party based CRPG from Black Isle was as close to a recipe for win as there was at this time. I anxiously awaited the release of the game and immediately after picking up my copy, dove in headfirst. This game provided me a role playing experience that at the time was beyond compare. I found myself lost in the stories progression, hopelessly distracted with the need to assist every single quest giver I encountered on my way. I didn’t notice it at first, but at some point I had gotten so wrapped up in side quest that I didn’t hardly remember what my main objective even was or why I should care. This is a testament to the wide selection of choices presented to the player and to the vastness of the game, especially if you were stricken with the urge to complete every task it offered.
As if that wasn’t enough, Baldur’s Gate II: SoA delivered a beautifully done setting with superb artwork and a crisp presentation. Characters were likable and had distinctive personalities which were often complimented by solid voice acting. Combat and the strategy that was required to implement it successfully meshed perfectly with the 2nd edition AD&D ruleset that was behind it. Baldur’s Gate II is another of those titles that clearly outlines what is considered the golden age of CRPG’s and exemplifies the greatness that was Black Isle Studios. Simply legendary.

Gothic II:

Going into the release of Gothic II I had mixed feelings. Though I had enjoyed the first Gothic, I had heard mixed things about Gothic II and how it was ruined for those of us who were “German Impaired” and who were forced to play the English version and how the game seemed “clunky”. I actually had the game for a couple of months before I installed it and gave it a go. Once I set my virtual foot back on Khorinis, I never looked back. I loved the game instantly, gaining an immediate respect for it after finding the combat to be immensely challenging and equally rewarding. The game world seemed more alive than any other that I had ventured forth into to that point and the characters that you encountered really seemed to react to you and your actions.
The immersion I found wandering through Gothic II’s considerable wilderness more than made up for any localization shortcomings and is largely why this game was so memorable to me. I was continually amazed by scenes I would randomly encounter in my exploration and how the world seemed to be independently alive with events happening around you. Gothic 2 is what I think of when people reference the European classic CRPG. No other game represents that particular style of RPG in my mind as splendidly as Piranha Bytes masterpiece.


Risen is the game on this list that may draw the most raised eyebrows. I have discussed its merits before and realize that not everyone shares my love for what is affectionately known as the “real” Gothic 4. Due to differences with publisher JoWood, Piranha Bytes split and unfortunately no longer had the rights to the Gothic moniker. The first title they released after their split from JoWood was Risen. So why did I feel like Risen deserved a spot on this list? Gothic 2 as has been covered above was a game that I held in extremely high esteem. Gothic 3 released and though I was disappointed in it at first, it matured into a very solid game a number of patches later. Risen was what I felt to be a sort of evolution of many of the good points of Gothic 2 with the technical advances from Gothic 3. I have a soft spot for this style of European developed titles and love Drakensang and its sequel River of Time, the Divinity series and even am somewhat fond of the Two Worlds franchise. Risen thrust you into a beautiful world where you are caught up in a battle between rival factions whose motives aren’t necessarily crystal clear.
Combat was entertaining and though difficulty seemed somewhat less challenging than the Gothic series, the hardcore gamer could find plenty of opportunity to test their mettle. Though the size of the world was not of the same scale as previous titles, exploring the island environment never disappoints. The visuals are beautiful and the terrain rendered realistically. Making your way through the forest and coming to a clearing where the water is lapping at the rocks is enough to lure you to a false sense of security, a tranquil moment right before you are broadsided in an ambush. Risen is another gem from Piranha Bytes that shows yet again that they can put forth a game that is firing on all cylinders. Though Risen 2 was not up to the standard set by its predecessor, Gothic 3 was also a drop in quality after Gothic II. Hopefully this means that we are due for a future classic in the making with the next game from the creative minds at Piranha Bytes.

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