List of the 10 Best PC RPG’s Of All Time


Planescape Torment:

So here is the game that people love to say is the best RPG ever – even when they haven’t played it. (But they HEARD that was the case, so there.) Then you have those other people who like to say that the time for a game like Torment has long since passed. Well, I played it when it released and I have played it recently modded for better resolutions and enhanced interfaces and I can safely say that it WAS one of the best RPG’s of all time and it still IS one of the best RPG’s of all time. Planescape is great not just because of exceptional writing and characters who are truly unique and well fleshed out, it is a superb game due to the unique situations it exposes the player to, the irony it surrounds them with and the decisions it forces them to carefully consider. The world that we were introduced to in Torment was not one that I was initially excited about. Traditional fantasy had always been my favorite in this type of game and the dark, macabre world of the Planescape universe is anything but traditional. Still, within the first hour of playing the game I was intrigued by the characters and couldn’t wait to find out more about the strangely twisted world they inhabited.
The journey to learn about my former lives as the Nameless One was an adventure that didn’t disappoint and continued to present surprises and introduce me to satisfyingly warped characters all the way through to its conclusion. Though Torment was not followed up with a sequel for a number of reasons – mainly licensing issues after Interplay left Black Isle to rot, a spiritual successor is being done by many of the original team powered with Kickstarter funding. It will be interesting to see how that turns out, but I have always viewed Planescape Torment as a kind of anomaly, an aligning of the gaming stars if you will. This rare spawn of a unicorn and a bottle of baby tears resulted in an exceptional game in an improbable setting with a unique protagonist and perfect supporting cast. I don’t doubt that a lot of effort will go into trying to find that combination again, but believe it will ultimately fall well short of the benchmark the original set. Time is something that plays an important role in Planescape and in time we will see how this tale plays out.

Diablo II:

Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo II is definitely an action RPG and is a good bit heavier on the action than the RPG. Still, an important aspect of any role playing game is how it grabs you and draws you into the game, how it compels you march onward. Few games have been more compelling than this entry and there were times where I basically lived in Sanctuary. (Without even a bag of Cheezy Poofs for sustenance) Diablo II was a game that really put the pieces together and delivered a truly forlorn setting which just oozed misery and despair. I remember the first time seeing the beautifully crafted cinematics, hearing the perfectly matched soundtrack and the reassuring voice of the ever present Deckard Cain. This atmosphere was a huge reason why I found the endless hours clicking away to be entertaining and never tiresome.
The loot grind was challenging but rewarding enough so that you would keep churning along with high hopes for that next shiny drop to be the one for you. Of all the games on this list, no other title had me play it regularly over a decade, like I did with this game. Nothing even came close to commanding the number of hours that were invested attempting to wear out the buttons on various mice, frantically clicking my way to glory. To this day Diablo II with Lord of Destruction is still the definitive title in the action RPG genre, surpassing both its predecessor and successor and the host of other pretenders to its throne.

Wizardry 8:

The game that was Sir-Tech’s final hurrah was one that drew me in like the proverbial moth to the flame. It was a game that had a new perspective on certain elements and yet was positively a throwback in others. The scope of the game was spectacular and gave the player a multitude of options for their character and party. It was a game that expected the player to actually be awake and paying attention or suffer the consequences. The clever design gave great flexibility with your party configuration and I found the combat to be both involving and rewarding.
Graphics were well done and a departure from previous games in the series – though that should be expected with the years separating them. Wizardy 8 released at a time where it was the perfect game for the moment. It delivered a true old school CRPG with modern elements blended in and not only proudly ended one of the most storied series in PC gaming but brought to close an entire era as well.

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