List of the 10 Best PC RPG’s Of All Time


What purveyor of role playing goodness worth his weight in gold pieces would not have a list of favorite titles? Though it is hard enough to objectively qualify things of this nature as they are inherently opinion based, the difficulty seemingly compounds when actually attempting to compile these pieces. Many different things come into play when you start thinking over what being the “best” entails. Was a game the best of its type, the best of its era, the best simply because it was the most fun to play? Are you remembering it overly fondly and assigning legendary status to something that was slightly better than average? Did you recently play it and it is just fresher in your memory than games from years ago? Have you heard others say it was the best so much that you start to believe so as well?

This was what made something that shouldn’t of taken that long take literally hours on end. I thought through the stacks of RPG’s I have played over the years and made an open list of all the titles that I felt were memorable. Of that large list, I pared it down to 25 games that had what it took to be considered exceptional. All of the games had to pass a certain basic litmus test to be considered. They had to be offered on the Windows platform, be primarily single player and be from the overall role playing genre. After much contemplation I worked on slimming the list down to 15 and then finally to the 10 titles that are listed below. A couple changes were made after that, but the final product is a list I am comfortable with.

With any list of this type there are going to be people waiting on the sidelines with hands full of steaming poo to fling while screaming “What about THIS game?” There are great arguments to be made for a multitude of titles and I enjoy hearing why certain games mean more to certain gamers than others. Were there some great classics that were released prior to Windows and have there been some astounding games for the various console and handheld platforms over the years? Are there some amazing titles that met the qualifiers that aren’t included? Absolutely on both counts. This is a list of what *I* consider to be top of the tier. It wasn’t easy and there are a bunch of titles I was torn on that just did miss the top 10. Regarding the 10 that are listed, they are in no certain order as just getting the list of the 10 without ranking them was enough for me. These are games that I felt were bigger than the sum of their parts. They were the titles that I felt I could take with me to the proverbial deserted island (a tropical refuge with electricity, refreshment and a high end gaming setup of course) and live out the rest of my days happily. Take a few minutes, read over the list and let us know what you think, what titles you feel were slighted and which didn’t deserve their spot. Now that all of this has been said, on to the list itself, the RPG Wizard 10 Best RPG’s of all time!

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:

Bethesda is no stranger to making games that are dauntingly massive open world romps. When thinking through the various titles from Daggerfall onward, both Morrowind and Skyrim were games that I thoroughly enjoyed. Either of them would be right at home on almost any top ten list. I chose Skyrim due to the fact that I feel this type of game really does benefit from the evolutionary improvements that come with each generation. A game that is centered around world exploration is only improved by better visuals, an incredible soundtrack and more varied voice acting.
You can run a modded version of Morrowind and get impressive results, but then you may also run a fully modded Skyrim and the results are jaw dropping. Skyrim is not without faults, but is one of those titles that was truly an experience as much as a game. The word epic is thrown around way to freely but if ever there was a RPG that was deserving of the epic descriptor, it would be Skyrim.

Fallout 3:

Here is another game where there are multiple great titles in the series and more than one that could hold their own on this list. I truly enjoyed Fallout 2 and though I was looking forward to the never delivered Fallout 3 known as Van Buren, I was stoked when Bethesda picked up the pieces left behind by the debacle at Interplay. When Fallout 3 released I purchased the limited Survival Edition that Amazon was pimping with a Pip Boy replica inside. (Everyone should have at least two!) It was probably absurd but Fallout brings that out in me and I will likely plunk down excessive cash again for whatever they cobble together for Fallout 4.
I spent hours canvassing the desolate landscape, exploring every radioactive inch, every building and doing quest after quest. The post apocalyptic atmosphere where it is just you, your faithful dog and an arsenal of weaponry against the mutated remnants of civilization, really brings a wicked smile to my face. Am I the only one that thinks all games should give you the option to collect fingers or ears for rewards? Though the main story quest line in the game was a bit short and somewhat weak, the sheer delight of Fallout 3 is derived simply from wandering the bleak wasteland. It never gets old sneaking up on mutants with my Lincoln Repeater or exacting my brand of justice on the unwashed masses in a hail of hot lead, guilty pleasures which solidified this titles spot in my top 10 with ease.

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