RPG Wizard was originally founded with the goal of bringing together individuals from a multitude of diverse origins, who are united by a common interest in gaming, with a specific focus on the ever evolving realm of the role playing genre.  This particular segment of gaming is a natural fit for the most dedicated niche of gamer, as it elicits a fanatical devotion rarely seen elsewhere in the realm of electronic entertainment.  We are here to cultivate these qualities as well as to provide an outlet for discussion and debate on a broad spectrum of topics.

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Though there are various other outlets which may also provide news, previews and reviews, our vision for RPG Wizard was to create a sanctuary for the discerning gamer, where mature discussion was encouraged instead of stifled and a level of respect for the ideas and opinions of others was the rule rather than the exception.  To that end, while we encourage our readership to express their thoughts in an insightful manner on our discussion boards, we also have an expectation that even the seemingly most obvious of questions will be met with courtesy.

Content will vary to encompass a wide swath of subjects, ranging from the most basic RPG focused news and industry updates to detailed reviews and related commentary.  With many custom features already enabled for the benefit of our users, we will continually strive to provide an inclusive experience, where you are not left feeling removed or at a distance, but where participation in all aspects of the extended community is both accessible and rewarding.

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The site format and overall approach to content is perhaps a bit different from some others you may be familiar with. Basically the site is divided into a number of fairly standard sections and they are as follows:

News: Primarily based off press releases from developers, manufacturers and retailers, the news section reflects the most current happenings in the industry. News and updates may be courtesy of another site and if so then quotes will be noted and the original source cited.

Previews: Previews are often more accurately described as overviews, as they include what is known about an upcoming title in a condensed format. Previews are based on statements from the manufacturer and on footage and screenshots that have been provided to that point. Hands on previews are noted if applicable and indicate that the author has spent time with a pre release candidate of the game that is being previewed.

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Reviews: Formatting for reviews is generally focused around an intro, sections on graphics, gameplay and sound and a conclusion. Each of the primary sections of the game will be scored based on individual merit. The overall score awarded to the game is based upon the individual scores from these sections but is not necessarily an average. Certain titles may not score exceptionally well in every category, but may provide an outstanding experience for the player and warrant a score higher than the average. Other titles may technically be sound, but lack the intangibles that keep a player wanting to pick the game back up at any opportunity. These variables will be noted in the review and reflected in the final score.

Commentary: This section is loosely centered around articles that are generally gaming or technology related, but are very much opinion driven.

Screenshots & Videos: Media is either taken from in game footage or from releases from the manufacturer. Screenshots and art are grouped by game and type where videos are by game and by intro, trailer or gameplay classification.

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Take a moment to post a comment on an article or news that piques your interest, compose a post about something that you wish to debate or create a poll to see what the prevailing opinions on the subject in question are.  In these halls we encourage you to not just lurk in the shadows, but to give light to your thoughts, ideas and creativity and help to drive the conversation.  Doing so gives life to the open forum format and the positive environment we hope to foster.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and that you continue to return for many more visits in the future.