Darksouls PC Releases – Modder To The Rescue

Dark Souls

Okay, so the title may be a bit broad in its scope but it is essentially the truth. From Software has made no bones about the fact that Dark Souls: Prepare to Die for the PC was going to be about as straightforward a port as a port can be. Slap on some Games For Windows Live support and connect a Xbox and PC with an USB cable and hit the “Port” button type of deal. PC gamers have grumbled but since this game only was brought to the PC because of an online petition that caught fire most of us were just happy to be able to play such a great game on our medium of choice. Sure enough the game releases and they are true to their word with no bells, no whistles, just the game converted to PC format. Though it is great to see a development house like From delve into the PC market, it would be a shame to see a half hearted attempt ruin any chance of future releases. We didn’t want a lot, but it didn’t seem that asking for upscaled textures and the ability to have the game run at frame rates that our PC’s can support was too much to ask for.

Thankfully within what seemed like 30 seconds (he actually had prepared a bit in advance) of the game being released, modder Durante at NeoGAF had put together a patch that replaces a few files and gives a configurable .ini for users to further tweak if they are so inclined. His effort has taken the textures in the game and let them be displayed in much greater detail which looks brilliant. There were a few other issues that surfaced with early versions of the fix, but they appear to of been sorted in the updates that have been released since then. It makes me both glad that he took his time to do this and share it and in the same thought a bit puzzled as to why From didn’t or couldn’t do something that didn’t seem terribly time or resource intensive by development standards.

Regardless, be sure to download the internal rendering fix that Durante has put together, it is titled “DSFix” and the download link can be found here.


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